Without opioids, our collective life expectancy would be 2.5 mos longer

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In a startling announcement, authorities in New York and New Jersey reported Monday that they had confiscated a whopping 122 kilograms (nearly 270 pounds) of opioids worth more than $30 million in a pair of recent busts. One of the seizures yielded 64 kilograms (more than 140 pounds) of the extremely potent fentanyl opioid. That batch alone is enough to provide lethal doses of opioids to 32 million people.

“The sheer volume of fentanyl pouring into the city is shocking. It’s not only killing a record number of people in New York City, but the city is used as a hub of regional distribution for a lethal substance that is taking thousands of lives throughout the Northeast,” Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan, said in a statement.

But it’s not only killing a record number of people in the Northeast, either—it’s killing nationwide. Between 2000 and 2015, opioid-related deaths in the country more than tripled. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than 33,000 people died of the highly addictive drugs in 2015.

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Budweiser offers 150,000 free Lyft round trips

If you're on the lookout for a designated driver this holiday season, a brewery can save the day. Starting today, Budweiser is offering up to 150,000 free round-trip Lyft rides (worth up to $10 each way) with its "Give a Damn" program until the end o…
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Amazon’s next Alexa product? Smartphone-connected glasses for a phone it doesn’t have

Amazon Alexa AR Glasses

Who would have thought that Amazon would have a chance of dominating the ecosystem of smart devices after the massive Fire Phone failure from a few years ago? The smartphone seems to be the logical platform to build on, but Amazon pretended the Fire Phone never existed and came out with a different way to launch its own voice-based operating system. Powered by Alexa, the Amazon Echo is the best sold smart speaker out there, a success that allowed Amazon to pack Alexa into a variety of devices, including smartphones made by its biggest rivals.

It sure looks like Amazon doesn’t even need a phone of its own to let users take Alexa on the road with them, and a new report says the company is already working on a device that might “kill” the smartphone.

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What is Trello? A guide to Atlassian’s collaboration and work management tool

Trello has grown quickly since it spun off from software firm Fog Creek three years ago, adding millions of users every few months. And it shows no sign of slowing since its acquisition by Australian collaboration software firm Atlassian: it now has 25 million user signups, up from 14 million last year.

What’s driving interest in the work management application?

“The popularity of it is that it is a very easy to use, highly visual tool that allows people to get themselves organized and work effectively,” said Margo Visitacion, Forrester vice president and principal analyst, “and without a lot of effort it can bring other people into their circle to work on various types of projects.”

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Kohl's Stores Offer Free Amazon Returns

Retail chain Kohl’s announced to offer free returns for Amazon customers in 82 Kohl’s stores beginning in October. This new service will be available at Kohl’s stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago…
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