Destiny 2 PC specs and beta dates are here

Given the somewhat unexpected success of Bungie’s first major franchise outside of Halo, a lot of attention is being poured on Destiny 2, waiting whether it will rise up to the challenge or fall flat. The beta for consoles showed promise but also revealed some rather hard bugs that Bungie promises to iron out before launch. The beta testing, however, … Continue reading
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Sony raising the price of PlayStation Plus in Europe

Do you enjoy firing up your PS4, playing a few online matches and maybe checking out what free games and discounts are up for grabs? Well, we hope you really enjoy doing all that, because you're about to pay that bit more for the privilege. Sony has…
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Deals of the day: Seagate 2TB Hard Drive for Under £65

Welcome to Pocket-lint deals of the day where we scour the internet to find you the very best deals that are available in the UK today.We will be regularly updating this page, so bookmark it and check back regularly to make sure you don't miss out on…

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The Galaxy Note 8 will devour media like no other Note before it

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

Ever since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note phablet line in 2011, we were repeatedly told that the Note is supposed to enhance mobile productivity, thanks to the built-in stylus and all the stylus-ready UI features and apps. But it looks like Samsung also wants the Note phones to become the best at consuming content, not just creating it.

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Nintendo's 2DS XL lands in the UK for £130

There's nothing like a summer holiday spent chilling in an air-conditioned hotel room playing computer games. And if you're looking for something portable enough to chuck in your hand luggage, Nintendo's new 2DS XL might be just the ticket. Launching…
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Rolls Royce Phantom VIII Unveiled

The year on the timeline was 1925 when the Rolls Royce Phantom got introduced. Sir Henry Royce who formed one half of the partnership in the car company hailed it as the best vehicle in the world….
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How to use the Files app in iOS 11

One of the most consistent criticisms of Apple’s iOS, the operating system used by the iPhone and iPad, is its limited ability to organize documents and data. Until now, documents created on a mobile device have been saved to an app’s file space, and opening a document generally involved reopening the app — usually with no easy way to sort and organize the files.

The idea behind that process — sandboxing — was to isolate app data from other apps and the operating system, and so limit the potential for security breaches. But the sandboxed nature of iOS apps meant documents could only be saved to, and then accessed from, the apps that created them. Apple over time added ways of sharing data between apps and to contacts, making it easier to share documents first via email and text message and more recently by using online services such as DropBox and OneDrive.

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