CB Insights Report: 3,358 tech exits in 2016 from 3,260 M&A exits and 98 IPOs, down 4% over 2015; 25 unicorn "births", down by 68% (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:

CB Insights Report: 3,358 tech exits in 2016 from 3,260 M&A exits and 98 IPOs, down 4% over 2015; 25 unicorn “births”, down by 68%  —  As we kick off 2017 with a surprise acquisition of what was planned to be the first big IPO of the year — Cisco snapping up AppDynamics for $3.7 billion …

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GNC Super Bowl Commercial Banned

The GNC Super Bowl commercial has been banned. Back in the day when Go Daddy made risqué Superbowl ads, getting an ad banned was a good thing. The ban generated more attention and everyone wanted to…
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Nintendo delays its 'Animal Crossing' mobile game

Fans of Isabelle and K.K. Slider will need to wait a little while longer before they can play Animal Crossing on their smartphones. As part of its latest earnings release, Nintendo has revealed that the upcoming mobile adaptation won't be released in…
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Eric Schmidt tells Googlers that Trump’s government will do ‘evil things’

Donald Trump vs. Google

Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is the president’s most controversial measure to date. Trump may be keeping his word when it comes to campaign promises, but the way his administration implemented this new immigration policy is hardly worth any praises. The backlash was almost immediate, with various people voicing their concerns against the ban. The list also includes many prominent tech companies who took positions against Trump — some using stronger wording than others.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO and current chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, is apparently one of the tech execs who believes Trump’s government will do “evil things,” even though Trump’s core focus might be economic growth.

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Sprint Narrows Its Loss

Sprint narrowed its loss in its third fiscal quarter as the wireless carrier continued to grow its customer base, and now expects to finish the year at the high end of its guidance.
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