WSJ says iPhone 8 will have a curved display, but I’m not buying it

iPhone 8 Rumors

We’re smack in the middle of the annual Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, and we’re almost exactly one month away from seeing Samsung unveil its next-generation Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship smartphones. So, needless to say, all attention has turned to Apple. The company is still nearly seven months away from taking the wraps off its next-generation iPhone 8 flagship phone, but the rumor mill is already heating up. Why? Because Apple’s new tenth-anniversary iPhone is expected to be the first new Apple smartphone in three years to sport a bold new design and multiple exciting new features.

A new report published on Tuesday morning appears to confirm one of the biggest changes we expect to see in the upcoming new iPhone 8 later this year. But before you get too excited, let’s turn back the clock a bit to make sure our feet stay planted firmly on the ground.

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Alibaba calls for tougher Chinese laws against counterfeiters

Under pressure from the U.S. government and vendors in various markets to crack down on counterfeiters, Alibaba has called on Chinese authorities for clearer laws and higher penalties.

“Law-enforcement agencies often found it difficult to classify and quantify incidences of counterfeiting and also had difficulties building legal cases due to ambiguous counterfeiting laws,” the Chinese retail giant said in a statement, which claimed that the company’s strenuous efforts to curb counterfeiting have been often stymied by an inadequate regulatory framework in the country.

As a result, the authorities investigated only 1,184 cases of 4,495 possible leads on counterfeiting submitted by Alibaba in 2016. Only 33 or 0.7 percent of the cases resulted in convictions. Law enforcement was able to build only 469 cases from the 1,184 leads. Each of the cases involved goods of a value exceeding the statutory minimum of 50,000 yuan ($7,274) for criminal investigation.

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Source: Computer World

Netflix's CEO plans on putting buffering to bed

It's no secret that video streaming is king right now, and that the binge-watching craze Netflix helped establish is making other TV providers rethink how they offer content to customers. Here at Mobile World Congress, the service's CEO Reed Hastings…
Source: Engadget

Enterprises enter the 5G spotlight at MWC

Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place this week, so it’s time again for carrier and vendors to serve up bold claims about what 5G cellular will do for users — this time, though, with a dash of realism.

“5G is not ready yet,” T-Mobile USA’s CTO Neville Ray said Monday morning. “It’s maturing quickly, but it’s not real today, and I can’t go and deploy a 5G radio to serve my customers with and give them a handset.”

Like most other carriers, T-Mobile is testing pre-standard 5G technology, and Ray is enthusiastic about the next generation in the long term. But he reminded the audience that some parts of 5G, like using ultra-high frequencies to reach mobile devices, still face big technical challenges and 4G will still be around for years after the first big 5G rollouts happen around 2020.

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Indian Workers in U.S. Fear a Trump H-1B Crackdown

President Donald Trump’s plan to re-examine a range of visa programs to protect American jobs has many Indian engineers and computer scientists employed by U.S. tech companies putting life plans on hold and questioning career decisions.
Source: All Things D (Wall Street Journal)

The LG G6 has everything we want in a phone, but is it enough?

If there was ever a company that needed to return to the basics, it’s LG. Last year’s G5 was a concept wrapped in flagship clothing, and as such, its family of snap-on attachments never really caught on.

So this time around, LG went to the people to see what they wanted in a flagship phone. Somewhat surprisingly, the results weren’t wild, pie-in-the-sky features. They were actually fairly pedestrian: a big screen, small body, durability, waterproofing, and all-day battery life. And the G6 delivers on all of these things.

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