Amazon’s next Alexa product? Smartphone-connected glasses for a phone it doesn’t have

Amazon Alexa AR Glasses

Who would have thought that Amazon would have a chance of dominating the ecosystem of smart devices after the massive Fire Phone failure from a few years ago? The smartphone seems to be the logical platform to build on, but Amazon pretended the Fire Phone never existed and came out with a different way to launch its own voice-based operating system. Powered by Alexa, the Amazon Echo is the best sold smart speaker out there, a success that allowed Amazon to pack Alexa into a variety of devices, including smartphones made by its biggest rivals.

It sure looks like Amazon doesn’t even need a phone of its own to let users take Alexa on the road with them, and a new report says the company is already working on a device that might “kill” the smartphone.

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Source: Boy Genius Report (BGR)