Bethesda E3 2017 announcements: Wolfenstein II, Skyrim Switch, VR

After month after month of announcements about phones, its gamers’ time to have the stage. Kicking off with a gaming-centric Computex last month, the spotlight has now turned towards the annual E3 show. On the heals of Microsoft Xbox One X reveal and EA and BioWare’s new Anthem “Destiny-alike” shooter, Bethesda, makers of The Elder Scrolls and owners of DOOM, … Continue reading
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Ask Slashdot: Will Python Become The Dominant Programming Language?

An anonymous reader shares their thoughts on language popuarity:
In the PYPL index, which is based on Google searches and is supposed to be forward looking, the trend is unmistakable. Python is rising fast and Java and others are declining. Combine this with the fact that Python is now the most widely taught language in the universities. In fields such as data science and machine learning, Python is already dominating. “Python where you can, C++ where you must” enterprises are following suit too, especially in data science but for everything else from web development to general purpose computing…
People who complain that you can’t build large scale systems without a compiler likely over-rely on the latter and are slaves to IDEs. If you write good unit tests and enforce Test Driven Development, the compiler becomes un-necessary and gets in the way. You are forced to provide too much information to it (also known as boilerplate) and can’t quickly refactor code, which is necessary for quick iterations.
The original submission ends with a question: “Is Python going to dominate in the future?” Slashdot readers should have some interesting opinions on this. So leave your own thoughts in the comments. Will Python become the dominant programming language?

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The future of Uber’s top execs is in turmoil

Although it’s now worth $70 billion, continually expanding across the globe and seeing revenues grow each quarter, Uber has plenty to worry about – and it started with a blog post. You might have heard about this before. Back in February, former engineer Susan Fowler published a post on her personal blog accusing her managers at Uber of sexist behavior in matters big and small. The post led to the company’s launch of an investigation into the claims, and the firing of several employees in connection with the case – as well as the departure of its president Jeff Jones.…

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Logitech's Powerplay mousepad wirelessly charges your mouse while you use it

A few weeks ago when Corsair unveiled its Concept Zeus mousepad at Computex—a prototype that charges a wireless mouse sans wires—I said I wouldn’t be surprised to see other companies follow suit in the near future. It happened sooner than expected, as it turns out: Today, Logitech announced its own wireless charging mousepad, the Powerplay, along with two mice to take advantage of the technology.

They’re familiar mouses, too. Unlike Corsair’s new Concept Zeus mouse, Logitech’s taken its already-popular and powerful G900 and G402, modified them to allow for the new charging kit, and rebranded them the G903 and G703.

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300,000 year-old “early Homo sapiens” sparks debate over evolution

Philipp Gunz

Until this week, the earliest known fossils of Homo sapiens were about 200,000 years old. But two recent papers in Nature have obliterated that date with a report of 300,000 year-old skull fragments from five individuals found in Morocco. The researchers who discovered the fossils call them “early Homo sapiens.” But other scientists say this misrepresents the complex story of human evolution.

The Moroccan remains tell a complicated tale. While their faces are shaped almost exactly like those of modern humans, their skulls are sloped and elongated like much earlier species. While the media exploded with reports about how we’ve discovered the “earliest” Homo sapiens, the real story isn’t that simple.

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BioWare’s Anthem mashes up Destiny, Warframe, and jetpacks

BioWare just not so recently launched its fourth major Mass Effect installment, which received rather scathing reviews because of its bugs. Even while it is still recovering from that fall from grace, the game developer is already dipping its toes in waters that might just be as controversial. As earlier rumors have predicted, its new Anthem game revealed at E3 … Continue reading
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