Bragi announces two new earbuds, the $329 Dash Pro, and a custom-fit version for $499, updates its OS to include real-time language translation (Sean O'Kane/The Verge)

Sean O’Kane / The Verge:

Bragi announces two new earbuds, the $329 Dash Pro, and a custom-fit version for $499, updates its OS to include real-time language translation  —  While also adding real-time language translation and a professional custom fit option  —  Bragi has announced a new version of the Dash …

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How to get Netflix back on your rooted Android phone

How to Install Netflix on Rooted Android

Advanced Android users who want more control over their devices, and know how to pull such tricks off, root their handsets and tablets. There are pros and cons to doing so, and Netflix is included in the latter category. The company confirmed it’s blocking rooted Android devices from installing its app. No matter how much you love rooting your device, losing Netflix access over it might not be worth it. However, it turns out there’s a way of both rooting your handset and using the Netflix app.

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Sea of Thieves is getting a tiny technical alpha test on Windows 10

Sea of Thieves E3 2016 02

I know how the song goes, but I’m not sure that a pirate’s life is really for me. It seems exciting, but I think sailing the seven seas would eventually leave me hankering for amenities like Wi-Fi and The Cheesecake Factory. So I think I’d rather go with something like Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves instead.

The Rare game studio responsible for the online multiplayer pirate simulator is planning a small test for the Windows 10 version this weekend. This is part of an effort to ensure Sea of Thieves will run well when it arrives later this year. On Saturday, Rare will invite approximately 1,000 PC players as part of this technical alpha to try the game’s mechanics, which include working together to sail vessels and to fighter other crews on other ships. The tiny test group will give the developer early feedback about aspects directly related to the PC release as opposed to the Xbox One version.

Microsoft showed off Sea of Thieves at the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow last year, and it is one of a few new Microsoft games that fans seem to have high hopes for. When the game debuts later this year, it will join other hits like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program. This enables customers to purchase the game once with the option to play it on an Xbox console or a Windows 10 PC. And to ensure a smooth launch, Rare is getting started early trying to identify problems.

Primarily, this test is so that Rare can check to see how well its “auto-detect settings” feature works. The studio is building Sea of Thieves for a wide range of devices, and it wants to ensure that the game will run well immediately if people have an older system or a high-powered rig. Auto-detect searches your computer for its CPU and GPU configuration, and it will adjust the game’s performance accordingly — although you can tinker with the options yourself if you choose to.

Rare also wants fans to provide feedback on the default keyboard-and-mouse control scheme. The game will have custom keyboard bindings, but the developer once again wants to do its best to give players a satisfactory experience after that first boot.

Finally, Rare did say it would expand its Sea of Thieves testing in the future on both Xbox One and PC. And we are bound to hear more about it at E3.

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AMD's Ryzen Mobile chips are ready for liftoff, with the new Ryzen Pro not far behind

With the Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 chips already out the door for desktop PCs, AMD’s preparing its next assault: the mobile market, with a Ryzen Mobile chip that promises to outperform AMD’s current mobile processor by a whopping 50 percent. 

Announced at the company’s financial analyst day Tuesday, AMD promises to offer a “phenomenal” gaming experience when the Ryzen Mobile chips launch in the second half of the year, both for two-in-one PCs and more traditional notebook computers. This is in part because their graphics capabilities are based on the upcoming Vega graphics core, AMD executives said. AMD also announced the Ryzen Pro, a version of the chip designed for commercial PCs.

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HPE Unveils The Machine, a Single-Memory Computer Capable of Addressing 160 Terabytes

An anonymous reader quotes a report from VentureBeat: Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced what it is calling a big breakthrough — creating a prototype of a computer with a single bank of memory that can process enormous amounts of information. The computer, known as The Machine, is a custom-built device made for the era of big data. HPE said it has created the world’s largest single-memory computer. The R&D program is the largest in the history of HPE, the former enterprise division of HP that split apart from the consumer-focused division. If the project works, it could be transformative for society. But it is no small effort, as it could require a whole new kind of software. The prototype unveiled today contains 160 terabytes (TB) of memory, capable of simultaneously working with the data held in every book in the Library of Congress five times over — or approximately 160 million books. It has never been possible to hold and manipulate whole data sets of this size in a single-memory system, and this is just a glimpse of the immense potential of Memory-Driven Computing, HPE said. Based on the current prototype, HPE expects the architecture could easily scale to an exabyte-scale single-memory system and, beyond that, to a nearly limitless pool of memory — 4,096 yottabytes. For context, that is 250,000 times the entire digital universe today.

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It's official: AMD's Threadripper will bring a 16-core, 32-thread monster to the desktop

It’s called Threadripper, and it will be the first consumer-focused chip with 16 cores and 32 threads of computing power. Yes, you read that right: 16 cores and 32 threads of computing power, confirming that the CPU wars will rage on at the high end.

AMD’s Jim Anderson announced the high-end desktop chip during the company’s financial analyst day Tuesday. Details were sparse, but the CPU has been making the rumor mills the last few weeks, though the company was expecting to announce at the upcoming Computex show.

But AMD couldn’t wait. One reason may be heavy and hot rumors that Intel is preparing to release a Core i9 CPU at Computex. If the rumors are true, Intel’s top-end Core i9 will feature 12 cores and Hyper-Threading, and will be paired with a new X299 chipset. The CPUs themselves would apparently be based on 6th-generation Skylake cores.

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