Four decades of 'Doctor Who' arrive on the BBC's BritBox

BritBox, the streaming service co-owned by British broadcasters BBC and ITV, has now become an essential purchase, at least for some people. The company is now the exclusive home to the entire library of classic Doctor Who episodes in the US. Subscri…
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Apple upgrades Mac Pro, says ‘sorry’ to pro users

Announcing an upgraded Mac Pro, key Mac executives met with journalists to talk about the problems and future plans it has for the high-end Mac sector – and once again stress the importance of the Mac and their desire to regain the trust of pro users.

‘We’re sorry’

In a much-needed moment of transparency, the execs tried to explain why professionals using Macs just haven’t felt the love in recent years.

“If we’ve had a pause in upgrades and updates, we’re sorry for that — what happened with the Mac Pro, and we’re going to come out with something great to replace it,” Apple VP Marketing, Phil Schiller told reporters, according to TechCrunch.

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Apple Will Ship A Pro iMac Later This Year, It Won't Feature Touchscreen

Apple’s expected update to its iMac line will arrive later this year with some previously unexpected additions: pro models. From a report: “We have big plans for the iMac,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, said during a recent reporter roundtable at the company’s Machine Shop hardware prototyping lab. “We’re going to begin making configurations of iMac specifically with the pro customer in mind.” Just what those configurations will entail, Apple won’t yet say. Nor will it comment on the possibility of an iMac Pro moniker for the more powerful machines in the lineup. Company executives are, however, quite happy to confirm a feature the pro iMac will not have: touchscreen. “No,” Schiller said when asked if Apple would consider building such a thing. “Touch doesn’t even register on the list of things pro users are interested in talking about. They’re interested in things like performance and storage and expandability.”

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Today on In Case You Missed it: British inventor Richard Browning show us his (slow, careful) flights across a test area using his "Daedelus" jet pack prototype. Daedelus consists of six kerosene-powered microjets strapped to his limbs, which doe…
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Have security conferences become an 'army of noise'?

Of the hundreds of security conferences, the vast majority are interchangeable in terms of content. Some up-and-coming events are reducing the noise, providing better opportunities for learners, and booking fresh faces on the main stage.
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The complete list of 25 new Netflix originals coming this month

Netflix April 2017 Releases

It’s rare that a company can manage to revolutionize the same industry not once but twice. Netflix, however, is nothing if not a rarity. The company wasn’t the first to offer streaming movies and TV shows on the web, but it almost single-handedly popularized the concept and has played a major role in seeing millions upon millions of households in America and abroad cut the cord. Then, once countless companies began copying Netflix’s model, the company shook things up yet again. This time, Netflix proved that you don’t need to be a major network — you don’t even need to be a TV network at all — to create compelling original content.

With dozens of awards under its belt already, Netflix continues to invest billions into creating original TV series, movies, comedy specials, and documentaries. Hot on the heels of the most eagerly anticipated stand-up special of the past decade, Netflix just kicked off its biggest month ever for original releases. In this post, we’ll cover every single one of the 25 original releases Netflix has scheduled for the month of April.

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Russia: Maybe reusing rockets isn’t a crazy capitalist idea after all

Enlarge (credit: SpaceX)

As recently as last year, Russian rocket scientists were dubious about the potential of reusable rockets, such as those being developed by SpaceX and Blue Origin. Among the doubters was the Central Research Institute of Machine Building, which develops basic rocket strategy for Roscosmos, the Russian space agency.

“The economic feasibility of reusable launch systems is not obvious,” an official with the research institute said in February 2016. “First and foremost it will depend on how often launches will be made. At the moment it is hard to forecast which way the market of launch services will go when reusable space rockets become available. The designers are still to demonstrate the real costs of production and of making reusable stages for re-launching,”

At the time of that statement, both SpaceX and Blue Origin had begun flying their purportedly reusable boosters, but SpaceX had not yet landed at sea nor had it reused a flown booster. Blue Origin, too, had only begun a series of ultimately impressive tests to stress its New Shepard booster. Accordingly, Roscosmos CEO Igor Komarov was confident that a reduction in launch costs of the country’s workhorse Proton-M rocket from $90 million-100 million to $70 million would keep Roscosmos competitive.

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