Rumor Roundup: Oh yes it is! Oh no it isn't!

As much as we lampoon some of the sillier rumors in this space, we do like taking a peek into the crystal ball of what might happen and picking out our favorites to bet on. As we all know, some of them come true, some of them never do, some may come true someday — so they’re like prayers, in a way — and there is some fun in handicapping the likelihood of which camp a given rumor will fall. In recent years, the dead zone between the end of WWDC and the announcement of the new hotness(es) in the fall there comes a second “silly season” where analysts, pundits, and other assorted otherwise-unem…
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Spotify claims app update rejection by Apple 'raises serious concerns'

Apple is abusing its position as gatekeeper to the App Store by blocking the latest version of Spotify’s iOS app, according to a letter allegedly sent from the streaming company to Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell. A report claims Spotify general counsel Horacio Gutierrez is “causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers” by rejecting the iPhone app update, with Apple’s billing system being at the heart of the complaint….
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Best of MacNN: the MacNN Podcast, episode 25: My Stupid Cat's Fault

Editor’s Note: there are many examples of our MacNN Podcast that we are proud of, but this one we picked as an example of “the best of MacNN” because it is so representative of what the podcast was about: comraderie, laughs, news, insight. Even though the podcast focused on stories that had already been reported on the site, it gave listeners both our analysis of those events as well as a look at the people behind the reporting. The good news is that the podcast will continue after MacNN’s shutdown under a new name, so we hope previous listeners and new ones will join us for more banter, bad j…
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MacNN Deals: Increase your productivity with these Mac apps

For a long time, MacNN has been highlighting great offers from the MacNN Deals store for our readers to enjoy, and this is the last installment. Today’s selections are all software tools for you to use on your Mac, including one powerful text editor, a fantastic scanning app, something to jazz up your photographs, and an ideal addition to your toolkit if you need to improve your productivity….
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[GamerTell] Microsoft XBOX to support Cross-Network Play

[From GamerTell] In an amazing announcement, Microsoft has stated that it will support cross-network play. Yes, that is correct, Microsoft, of all companies is on board with this. This would allow users of the XBOX system to join gamers of other systems with cross-platform games (Madden, COD, etc.) in battle or sport. Imagine now being able to play games regardless of system.

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[GamerTell] NEO: Sony PS4.5 rumors

[From GamerTell] The rumors are flying around the Internet that the upcoming Sony PS4.5 update will be code named NEO. There is really no official word directly from Sony on this matter, but there has to be some sort of insider leak for there to be so much buzz about it. Note that there are only about 578,000 search results for it on Google. But then again what can’t you find a ton of rumors or search result on, right.

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[AppleTell] WWDC 2016 – Apple provides tickets via Lottery System

[From AppleTell] With the 2016 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), Apple is providing the widely popular tickets via a lottery system. Developers can begin the application process for tickets and registration goes through April 22, 2016 at 10pm. This year, Apple is giving access to over 1,000 Apple engineers to the attending developers, and they will be able to attend hand-on labs and be a part of over 100 sessions. Apple will take this time to showcase the new iOS and OSX operating systems.

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2014 BMW i8 (CNET On Cars, Episode 56)

BMW’s i8 is definitely a taste of the future — but whose? We’ll shed some light on MPGe, the benchmark for tomorrow’s cars. And we run down the Top 5 car tech innovations to watch for in 2015.
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